Fall Healthy Eating and Pinterest

It’s hard to stay on track nutritionally this time of year. Let’s face it.

Halloween candy.

Thanksgiving desserts.

And we can’t forget Christmas! UGHHHHHHHHH

Staying healthy during times of tricks and treats CAN be done. It just takes preparation and…well…willpower.

One place I find a lot of my inspiration from is…wait for it, wait for it! Pinterest.

I know, I know. I’m like every other woman on the planet. BUT I just hopped on the Pinterest band wagon only a few short months ago.

However, pinners beware. Not all pins are created equally.

The most important piece of advice I can give you when looking at Pinterest recipes is to read them closely. First of all, the recipes can be off. I’ve made a few recipes from there where the end result was NOT like the picture or correct. Try to look at the comments and see if anyone else had made the recipe or if the pinner themselves actually made it.

Second, unless it was from a reputable website, you need to double check their nutrition facts. I made a chili a few weeks ago that was dubbed “The Biggest Loser Chili Recipe” and the calories were WAY off. When making a recipe, I go to the Calorie Count Website and input all of the ingredients. I know it’s time consuming, but it’s the only way to really see the nutritional content of what you’re cooking.

Adding on to the point I previously made, checking nutrition is extremely important when it comes to clicking on those “healthy” pins. Sometimes those “healthy” recipes are full of sugar, especially the hidden sugar that the fitness world preaches about. Yes, that apple pie you want to make is a healthier version, but that doesn’t mean you should eat more than one piece or that you can have it every day. Any kind of baking you do at home can be considered healthier because YOU are the one making it – It’s not filled with all of those preservatives or additional funky sounding ingredients that you get at the grocery store.

This brings me to my next topic, which is more of a picture and recipe I HAVE to share because it came out AMAZING. I spen last Friday carving pumpkins with my friends and I said I’d bring dessert. Now, not everyone I know is on my healthy eating bandwagon, so I had to find something that would fit my nutritional bill AND taste delicious.

I scoured the internet for recipes and stumbled upon one for 60 calorie pumpkin cakes. It looked easy enough, so I figured why the hell not? And THIS was the end result:

Pumpkin CakesMy feet made a cameo at the bottom. Sorry about that 🙂 I cut my squares into 28 instead of 35 so they were slightly more than 60 calories but WOW. Just wow. My friends and family loved them. They were moist, pumpkin-y, and the cream cheese frosting was out of this world. If you want the recipe, you can find it here. I highly recommend it to anyone, even if you aren’t a health nut like myself.

This coming Friday I’m going to a Halloween party with The Drummer, and I need to bring something but I have like ZERO time so I decided to make these bad boys:

Courtesy of skinnymom.com

Courtesy of skinnymom.com

I’ll post a picture of them when I actually make them this weekend. They aren’t the HEALTHIEST but I don’t know The Drummer’s friends well enough to engulf them with my craziness so these will suffice. If you want to beat me to it, find the recipe here!

Hope you guys have a great week! I’m new to this whole health blogging thing, so if anyone has any requests, I’d love to hear them!

P.S. If you or anyone you know needs vitamins, protein, or any healthy foods/healthy living items, Vitacost has MILLIONS of products. I seriously buy from them monthly. You can get $10 off your first order by clicking here!


Everyday Should Be Saturday

Everyday Should Be Saturday

I am completely beat. This weekend kicked my party girl ass and I have the bags under my eyes and the “sad Monday” look to show for it. I thought I was going to cry on my way to work today. I need a nap. NOW.


However, it was TOTALLY worth it. Friday was alright. Nothing really to report back besides having an awkward encounter with The Pizza Man. He’s someone who deserves his own post. I’ll totally get to that this week.

Saturday, my friends and I ended up in downtown Allston at a place called WONDERBAR. My blog photo is a picture they took that night. Allston is a town over from Boston. I tend to have more fun on the outskirts of Boston than the actual city. Allston is very “hipster college-y” so it’s a good, drunk crowd. They gave everyone giant foam glow sticks at the door which was probably the best part of the night. It was pretty funny though-we went to a few bars before heading to WONDERBAR and only about a quarter of the city was in costume because Halloween was technically over. Some bars we went to, NOBODY was in costume, but every now and then you’d see a banana or a flapper and you’d feel a little better. I didn’t care though. My friends and I looked amazing. I didn’t take any pictures that night except for one. I know, I know, I’m awful.

photo 1
I wish I was an Egyptian Princess everyday.

We ended up dancing until the lights turned on. I wasn’t too impressed with the guys that night, but I had so much fun dancing with my friends and just by myself so I decided to keep it solo for the evening. The bar closed at 2, but because it was Daylight Savings, the clock jumped back to 1 AM, but the bar didn’t want to stay open. LAME.

We ended up dancing in the streets anyways. And didn’t get home until about 3 AM. What were we doing in the streets that entire time? Your guess is as good as mine.


So I had to share this screenshot I took on my phone. I was flipping through my Stats on WordPress the other night and again, I saw my page was clicked on through Yahoo!’s search engine. Whoever read my blog typed in “She blows my freind” into Yahoo!. First of all, bud, check yah spelling. Secondly, what exactly were you trying to find with those search items? I was curious, so I went on Yahoo! and typed in the same thing.

photo 2

There’s my blog. On the first page. Wedged in between slutloads.com. Haha. I died a little from laughter. I’m going to keep that picture forever. Yeah, guys. Before you check out slutloads, make sure you check out the Time is of the Essence blog. Same premise, I swear.

Lastly, I have a date with The Drummer on Saturday night. I usually don’t do dates on the weekend, but it was his idea and I really didn’t know how to give him the old, “Um, I actually don’t do online dating on the weekends because I’ll be really pissed if it was a waste of time.”


I haven’t admitted out loud yet, but I’m actually kind of excited. I don’t want to say it because then the opposite will come true. It’s just my luck. But I have yet to look forward to a date, which is huge since I’ve been on about a bazillion dates in the last 6 months. So maybe this will be promising? I mean, he seems normal for the most part. I haven’t gotten any creepy red flags or even had a little feeling about him. What I really like is that he hasn’t mentioned my pictures at all, even in the slightest. He’s only talked to me about my actual interests and stuff that was actually in my profile. I can’t stand cheesy guys that tell you every 5 seconds how “beautiful” you are, yadadada. Even though not every guy that calls you beautiful all the time has ill intentions, in my experience (which, is a shit ton) men who constantly compliment your looks tend to really only care about just that-your looks. I’m not saying EVERY guy is like that, so relax all you nay-sayers. It’s just refreshing to talk to someone who doesn’t care about my pictures. I’m not down with the whole “Haaay bay bayyyy sexy pix!!”


Another plus is we’re meeting halfway. He was going to drive all the way to me, but I offered to meet him halfway 1. Because my town sucks and doesn’t have anywhere fun to eat and 2. Because I know what it’s like to go on a really crappy date and have a long drive home. It’s not fun. But hey, we shall see guys. Maybe I’ll hit the jackpot? As my mom always says: Hope for the best, but expect the worst.

Well, I suppose I’ll go back to work. I tend to get NOTHING done on Mondays because I’m usually too tired from the weekend and I fantasize about being able to have a drink at work just to “loosen the work week up.”


The Friday Experience

Happy Friday, guys!

A little feel good beats fo’ yo’ ears.

I really wanted to change the name of this song to “Boston girl” but it just doesn’t jive.

I’m entering in costume contests all weekend so I’ll try to take some good pictures to share with you all. Especially while I’m in the city tomorrow. I have a feeling my friends and I are going to wreak havoc in the most unusual ways possible. I’m almost positive I’ll have great stories and GIFs for you on Monday.

To all of my fabulous readers,

Be wonderful,

Be free,


Live for the thrill of it,

And just be you!

Have a great weekend! xx

Throwing Myself Into the Shadows

Happy Thursday Ya’ll!

The end of the week is approaching, but I’m so excited I just gotta do my happy dance eaaarly!


I’ve got so much going on this weekend, but it’s my favorite holiday (eehem HALLOWEEN), so I’m pretty pumped. My friends and I bought tickets to this Halloween event in Boston on Saturday. $25 entry and you get free food AND open bar. Plus, my friend’s friend is going on vacation this weekend, so she’s letting us stay at her place in Boston that night so none of us have to drive. Woop Woop!

Tomorrow’s my sister’s birthday celebration and we’re going to a hookah/karaoke bar for drinks and a costume contest. I usually don’t put much thought into my costumes, but I had a Halloween epiphany a few months ago so I’m ready. One of my best friends from college stayed the weekend and we took her out for a night on the town. It was three ladies in the city and we took it by storm that night. I woke up the next morning and the first words I said were, “I literally feel like a pharaoh today.”

BAM. Halloween costume done. Well, I’m not really going as a pharaoh, per say, because I really didn’t like their fashion gear (no offense, Meryt-Neith-you had it goin’ on!) So I’ve decided on Egyptian Princess. I’m not sure which one yet. I have a few lined up, but I get really into character for Halloween, so I want to do my research first. I just love the concept. I mean, I’m 50% Middle Eastern, so I already look 50% the part. My mother gave me a necklace she got from Egypt when she used to belly dance there, so I have something original to add. Throw in some overly priced head dresses and wrist bands, and I’m totally from Egypt. Instead of buying the expensive, yet cheaply made costume, I found my dress at TJ Maxx for $30. The dresses at the Halloween stores were SO crappy looking and I’d be spending $60 for a dress I’ll never wear again. I fell in love with this gown from TJ’s and it’ll definitely be worn for non-Halloween events as well.


I practiced my make-up the other night. You can see the trial in my thumbnail, which brings me to my next discussion:

I’ve gone anonymous.

Well, kind of. I mean if people really wanted to, they could search through my very first posts and find a few photos of me, but I had to change my picture and all that jazz because I’ve been noticing several people are stumbling upon my blog through Google and Yahoo! search engines (which sort of freaks me out that I’m on the first page of these searches). I work for a Franchise 500 company and as much as I’m pretty honest with my work, if my managers ever read my whole blog, they might choke from their own gasps.


Panty thieves?!?

Mind blowing sex?!

Yeah. There are some things I’d rather just leave for the imagination with my management team.


In other news:


Yes. You heard it hear first. I caved. Again. It’s been almost two months since I began my date-cation and I’ve had lots of clarity. I’ve also been all sorts of lonely. LM still texts me from time to time to see how I am, but I don’t understand his reasoning. I’m just cordial because I hate ignoring people when they text me, but I haven’t made any advances to see him again.

I started back up on OKC because I luckily only know maybe 2 guys on there. I hated the other sites because I legit knew more than half of the potential guys and it wasn’t giving me any choices for fresh faces. The only guy I know on OKC is one I went to kindergarten all the way through high school with (and we never talked). Yes, he messaged me. And no, I didn’t message him back. I wanted to be like, “Really, Chris? You’ve known me since we were 5 and have never spoken a word to me. Get to steppin’.”

I’m only talking to one guy as of now. Hm. Pseudo name, pseudo name, what shall you be? Actually, come to think of it, (that always reminds me of a stand up comic who used to say “imagine if you actually had to come to think of it?”), I don’t remember his real name. Well, I’ll give him the name Mr. Drums just to be quick about it. He’s 27, has his Masters in Economics (smarty, farty pants) and has played drums since he was ten. BUT HE’S NOT IN A BAND! YAY! I specifically asked him if he was because I really need to lose my musician taste in men. He’s super intelligent and our conversations are both intellectual and witty-which is  a HUGE requirement for me. But, we all know how this goes. I’m not getting too excited because I’ve just had the worst luck with online dating. I’m taking it as it is, but being VERY picky as to who I go on a date with. If I even have so much as an inkling that it’s going to suck, I’m not going. I’ve been striking out so bad, if I keep this up, I’m going to pull a Michelle Tanner on every single future date.


I’m hoping to try and get together with this cat next week sometime. Between school and work, I don’t know where I can fit dating in, but I know two things: It’s getting cold outside and I’m super lonely. Here we go again, guys.

You Know It When You See It

One way or another you guys know Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound” track, but you should really give the whole album a listen. The songs are genius and their sound is so upbeat and perfect for driving around on a sunny, fall Sunday.

This track, “Farrah Fawcett Hair” is absolutely hysterical and I’m sure most of you will hate it, but this is what I drove to work listening to-and it’s good shit.

For a Monday, today doesn’t feel so bad. I went to that haunted house I was telling you all about on Friday. It was “okay.” I’m no bad ass-I’m actually terrified of things like this, but there just weren’t enough actors or “boo” factors to keep my blood flowing. At the end of the house, one of the zombies asked us what we thought of the whole show and I was brutally honest. Hey, I’m a baby when it comes to stuff like that and if I wasn’t scared-you have an issue. The guy was wicked nice and let us go through again for free. Sorry, but it was even less scary the second time around. At least I felt like I got my money’s worth then.

I didn’t make it to the Beer Festival on Saturday. See, I’m one of those people that makes all of these productive plans for the weekend. I tell tales of waking up early, showering immediately, running all the errands I didn’t get a chance to do during the week, and then execute my plans for the day/night.

But then, I just end up staying in bed with my greasy hair and eating…
I did make it to my friend’s house though. We decided to do things a little backwards on Saturday. We started out the evening by getting drunk early at the local bars and THEN we went home and had dinner/watched slasher movies. It’s October-and Halloween season-and my favorite holiday ever-so I HAVE to watch as much blood and guts as possible before I get into the Christmas spirit.

One of our regular bars was pretty busy for an early Saturday night. The bouncer was outside and greeted my friends and I and then proceeded to tell us how I was a short hair away from being cut off the last time we were there.

If my memory served me correctly (which, apparently it didn’t), I thought I had complete control that night.

According to said bouncer man, I was less “fine” and more like this.

“Dually noted,” I told the bouncer.

Man, do I have a warped sense of how I am when I’ve been heavily drinking. Luckily, I’m not obnoxious or angry or negative in any way when I’m like that. I just look like I have jello legs and have a hard time standing up straight. The bouncer said I was quite pleasant, actually. Polite, friendly, and not a bother at all. I just looked absolutely shitfaced. Ha! Well, at least I know I’m a sweet drunk.

The date-cation is going amazing. I feel so refreshed and less stressed. I’ve had a few guys text me over the last few weeks, but I ignored them. I know, I know-it sounds rude. But these men aren’t my friends or even an acquaintance. They are just people I’ve met along my single journeys who haven’t contacted me at all except right now when I DON’T WANT TO DATE. Isn’t that how it usually goes? Obviously, if I had actually had a date with any of them, I would have let them down gently and politely. I’m really not that mean, guys. Why would you text a girl 6 months after you met her anyways? Anyone ever heard of the 3 day rule? It’s shocking I even remember you.

This Friday, I’m off to Pennsylvania again. My friend who got married this past year is now pregnant, so I have to go down for the baby shower. As usual, I’m SO excited! Whiskey, guns, country, funny accents, and animals everywhere. This is my absolute favorite vacation spot.

I do feel bad though. The southern boy I spent the wedding night with back in August is far too excited to see me. I strictly explained to him BEFOREHAND that this was a one-time deal. I was on a wedding high and was in a fabulous mood and needed someone to share that mood with. Unfortunately, even though I sold my bargain, he thinks we were meant to be way more than what we were. Which was nothing. He doesn’t even have my number for God’s sake. He doesn’t even know a thing about me besides my name. How can you be that into someone you know nothing about? Luckily, my friend Matt had “the talk” with him..again..So I think I’ll be okay come this weekend. Thankfully, my friend is doing her shower the old fashioned way, having only girls. PHEW. That takes care of one event. Either way, I’m excited for vacation.