I Am.

Sun in the Sky

I am confident. I am kind. I am a lover of both the physical and metaphysical.

I exude unconditional positive regard for all who walk the planet,

and even those who have wandered off.

I hope to change the world while simultaneously changing myself for the better.

I am a believer of fate, chance, luck, and the supernatural.

I am a spiritual being who strives to meet the levels of awareness

far beyond the average person.

I am also admittedly not perfect in any way, shape or form.

Sometimes I drink too much. I make mistakes in love.

I can be uncomfortably honest, and sometimes, just uncomfortable.

But I’m only human. I will never claim to be any more than that.

Most importantly, I am me. If you want to know what “me” is, read on.



  1. Heeeey, Lara –

    It’s the end of another year, and respects need to be shown. This post is a little delayed, but it had to be reciprocated. It may even be my last notifications. (This process is a pain in the ass.) Here’s my nomination for your The Innovative Blogger Award, which was initiated by Don Charisma. http://thinaby.com/2013/12/28/the-inventive-bloggers/

    Keep up the great writing! If I can speak on behalf of the followers, we can’t wait to read next year.


    – Christopher

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