Day 16: Friday. ‘Nuff Said.

#100HappyDays Day 16

Fridays,  weekends, boyfriends, drum lessons, dance music, Persian Zumba, red wine, best friends

(not in any particular order)

Have an absolutely beautiful weekend.

“Our prime purpose in life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

-Dalai Lama



      1. Yeah! We are going to the desert. Hahahaha irony, and all that. But really. I got all tipsy and fascinated by pueblos (and outer space, but its off limits) a month or so ago and so he decided to take me to see some 😉

      2. Omg no way! That’s totally awesome. I hope you guys have fun!

        And BTW I am totes obsessed with outer space too! There’s a new Cosmos show coming out next month. You gotta tune in it looks amazing.

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