#100HappyDays Day 13

Filing my taxes tonight.


to give me my money back, ‘merica.



  1. I love that scene from Across the Universe!!

    Ugh, taxes. Its the time of year to report how much interest I have paid on my student loans to have it eventually returned to me all while I wonder why, then, am I paying interest in the first place. Them dollas.

    1. Definitely one of my favorite movies, hands down. They did an amazing job with it.

      And I know, right?! I was shocked at my refund for this year. Hopefully the IRS passes that right on through because I’m in desperate need!

  2. There’s no way taxes could be any worse than the hell they were last year. I’m actually hopeful this year… Maybe I’ll have a nice refund come my way.

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