#100HappyDays Day 1

#100HappyDays Day 1


I was technically supposed to start this yesterday, but I’ve been sick for a few days and work was craze. Rest assured, I was totes mah goats happy yesterday.

I’m doing this challenge as a way to start of the New Year on a positive level. I’ve ranted and raved about how 2014 is going to be so amazing spiritually, physically, and mentally, and it’s only been a few weeks! After the 100 days are up, I want to print out each post and create a mini book. This way, any time I am down and out or just looking for an extra pick me up, I can open up pages and pages of the things that make me most happy.

Today, I’m going to start with the littlest love of my life who will probably be as close as it gets to having a child. My little kitty: Baby.


She’s sort of hipster sometimes.

Baby was originally my sister’s cat. She got her about 7 or 8 years ago and she was just the cutest! When my sister became pregnant with my niece, she couldn’t keep baby anymore. Something about cleaning a litter box while pregnant can be dangerous? Anyways, I didn’t want my sister giving her to some stranger, so I said I’d take her. So Baby was shipped off to college with me and my friends!

Baby as a baby

Baby as a baby!

I never thought I could love a little animal so much in my life. Sure, I had pets when I was younger, but my mother always cared for them. I SHOULD HAVE cared for them, but I think we are all guilty of doing that with our parents.


(1 months later, your mom is a pet caretaker)

But, no. Baby has been mine for the last 5 years. She’s moved 4 times with me, been my snuggle monster when I didn’t have one, and even been my furry shoulder to cry on. She can tell when I’m sick or sad, and that’s when she gives me the most lovins. She makes a dull day better and a bright day brighter. Whoever decides to marry me is going to have to deal with her. And her fatness. And the fact that she’s only awake for about 4 hours a day.

Baby is one of the many reasons why I am happy.




  1. Ha. Very cute Lara. And the mini book is a great idea. I cannot do this challenge as I would lose too many days being hungover and wanting to curl up and die. But I love that you’re giving it a go!

    1. Hahah oh, Sean. I’m sure you could find something everyday that makes you happy! We’ll just say you’re doing the challenge in spirit. I think even when I’m hungover as shit, I can still smile about the night before 🙂 haha

  2. Ahhhhh! I think my cat would have to be my first post if I ever did this challenge. It’s a shame your cat needs glasses though.

      1. Oh sweet! I’m at work so I haven’t been able to look at it but I’ll check it out! I JUST started getting into The Kinks (I know, I know SO late). Get outta my brain!

  3. Amen! There’s something about animals that cheer you up sometimes more than people! And their love is unconditional! Gotta love those fur babies! I’d say the same thing about my dog, Annabelle. We’re a packaged deal, too!

      1. Haha thank you! It reminds me of an old southern name for some reason! And yes haha they love you no matter what! Sometimes I think it’s a good idea that animals don’t talk, because for the long amount of time they’re with us… they see and hear a lot of things that nobody should ever hear or see about haha!

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