Here For a Minute!

WordPresssssss. What’s good in my internet hood, yo?

No, but seriously. I miss writing. I know I keep disappearing but work has been absolutely insane and instead of getting paid to blog, I’m getting paid to..uh…actually work.


I’m in the water clean-up business and over here in New England, we like to have temperatures dip below freezing and then spike to Spring temps within a 12 hour time frame. So everyone’s pipes freeze and then thaw out and BAM. Yah house is a swimming pool.

I’ve been comingย in early, staying late, and working through lunches. Hell, I didn’t even have a lunch today but I really wanted to pop in and say hey really quick because I just miss my blog. And all of you.

And truuuuuust. I’ve been keeping up with your lives!

Aussa’s tellin’ tales of nudies circulating through work.

Liam’s going on a zillion first dates and coming out a better dude every time.

Howling Fantogs is doing a lot of self reflecting, which I LOVE because I’ve definitely been doing the same.

Matt’s telling all the shitty husbands “I told you so.”

Whiskeyinateacupp has been getting real deep with her posts (dayum girl).

Sean is still..hangin’ in strip clubs. LOL

April is completely taking on the New Year with stride and beauty. You go girl!

See, guys?! I’m still reading! What else would I be doing during commercials and waiting in the deli line at the grocery store?!



Things are pretty awesome on my end. It feels good to not have school for a few months, especially since work has been insane. I couldn’t imagine having to do homework after these crazy work days.

I had a man yell at me so loud and for so long yesterday he was STUDDERING. I was like YO. RELAX.


I love the insanity though. It teaches me patience and how to deal with not-so-nice people. You’re going to run into people like that you’re whole life, so might as well teach yourself how to not let it affect you. And I think I’ve mastered that by now in this line of business.



Things with The Drummer and me are going amazing. I honestly have no complaints. I used to be filled to the brim with doubt and second guesses, but everyday I like him more and more. It’s weird to be so unbelievably happy with someone else. But I’m living proof that it’s possible. I know it might sound stupid to say since everyone should know that, but when you’ve only loved one person your entire life, imagining being happy with another person seems almost impossible.

I mean, I’m not saying I love the guy. God, I’m not that crazy.


I’m just saying I feel amazing when I’m with him. And I don’t mind being a little spoon either.

So 2014 is starting off pretty rad, I must say. Busy with work, but happy with life. And it’s going to get better from here. Once the work week settles down, I’ll be back on here commenting on all your ish because I miss it! Plus, I have so much to tell you and so many stories about my insane life I haven’t shared yet.


Until next time.



  1. Ahh, thanks for the shout out. Glad things are going well. I’m sure I can speak for all the other bloggers you mentioned, that your regular posts have been missed. Look forward to catching up with your going ones soon x

  2. Glad to hear things are going well with you, though super busy! I’ve been popping back to your blog every so often to see if you’d posted anything so I’m happy to see you’re still alive!

  3. Aw I definitely miss your posts and you! I check your page to see if you post things, but I’m glad to know things are going well and all that! I look forward to hearing about how things have been going with your boy toy and some people just need to be slapped, especially if they’re to the point of stuttering hahaha. Oh, by the way, I tried some Jameson over the holidays for the first time and thought of you and oh my gosh, my life has changed! amazing stuff!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout Lara! I have missed you. I am so HAPPY for and things with The Drummer.

    I can’t wait to here about the crazy insane stories we haven’t read yet!

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