The Inventive Blogger Award

The Inventive Blogger Award

AHHHH! Hi! Hi! Hi!


I’m totally back. Well, sort of. I had to do a post today regardless of my busy schedule because I miss you all and I came back to such a positive feeling on my little corner of the interwebz.

The lovely Christopher Malone sent me a note letting me know that he included me in his nomination for the Inventive Blogger Award.

God, can you guys get any more positive? I’m in love.

With any nomination, there’s a set of rules to follow and I will try my best to do so.

One of the requirements is my own personal nomination for blogs which I feel are deserving of this same award. Now, I honestly don’t follow too many blogs. I have this complex when I don’t get to read every post about your life(lives), so if I had too many people in my blog feed, my brain would explode If I missed more than a day.


However, the blogs I follow are all incredible. Every single one of you. I enjoy reading about your lives and luxuries, and even your downfalls. But due to a time constraint, I only have time to pick one that I can write a few blurbs about.


I’m sure many of you know her on WordPress. She blew up bigger than the Biebz and in a shorter amount of time than Kim and Chris Hump were married. I chose to speak about her because even through her witty stories, I see a life full of struggle. Full of pain. And full of courage. She doesn’t make it out to be a secret either- Her backpacking adventures were brought on by none other than a last attempt at changing her life, or at least changing her perspective on how she views life. Plus, I think the girl is an adventure-addict. Her life is more interesting than any fantasy novel I could pick up.

What I admire about her the most is her uncanny ability to take all of life’s lemons and turning them into humor. Many people cannot do that. As unorthodox as it sounds, sometimes laughter is the best medicine, even in the most dire cases.

I see a lot of similarities of Aussa in myself, which is another reason I can relate to her stories. I’ve been up to my hips in life’s dog shit and although it certainly wasn’t funny at the time, I HAVE to laugh about it now.

The universe doesn’t care how bad your day, week, or year has been. It has no regard for the black cloud following you everywhere you go. Things will happen to you where you want to revert back to childhood and scream how UNFAIR IT IS.

Why me?

Why now?

What did I do to deserve this?

I give up.

How many times have you caught yourself saying those words?

I’m guilty of doing this time and time again. But after I give myself my “mourning time” I stop using those phrases and asking those completely unanswerable questions.

Because there is no answer.

No. You didn’t deserve this.

Life did not pick you out of a worldly lineup and decide to seriously ruin your day and your day only.

Life also did not know that you had 10,000 other things on your plate to deal with.

Things don’t work that way.

You’ll never know why you get curveballs to the face. And you’ll never solve your problems by continually asking those questions. Like I always say, you cannot change what has happened to you. You can only react to it.

And I love Aussa because her reaction is to laugh about it.

Sure, there are things that we might not all be able to laugh about. And it might not seem like any positive thinking could come after such events. But if you don’t want to feel like the world is crashing down, you have to think that way.

It’s difficult.

Feels almost impossible.

Most of the time, it’s unbearable.

But that’s life.

[enter the appropriate Coldplay lyrics here]


Nobody said it was easy.

Triumph over life’s obstacles wouldn’t feel as good if you didn’t try so hard for it.

Laughing wouldn’t feel so amazing if difficult times didn’t feel so awful.

And happiness wouldn’t be so fulfilling if pain wasn’t so defeating.

Nobody can make you feel a certain way. Sure, they can provoke you. But at the end of the day, only you have power over your emotions. And if you don’t feel that way, then maybe your locust of control needs to be looked at and revamped.

Because you’ll never pull yourself out of sadness’s web with the thought that the world controls you.

So thank you, Aussa. For showing us how to laugh at our misfortunes and how to slap our negative selves in the face and smile through the pain. You rock.


And now, the 5 things I enjoy about blogging:

1. A Community of Strangers

After my break-up, my first step to recovery was deleting my social networks. Considering my ex and I had about 100 friends in common, I couldn’t bare to see what he and everyone else was doing. I soon realized that Facebook just wasn’t for me. I’m not saying that’s how everyone should feel, but I prefer the term “Livebook” where I actually live my life instead of updating everyone, their mother, and the kid I threw paint at in kindergarten about every aspect of my boring, uneventful life. I’d much rather write detailed posts about my thoughts to fellow bloggers-unbiased, colorful, and wonderfully different people who don’t know me from a hole in the wall, but yet can relate on such a magical level. Plus, does anyone really give a shit what my margarita looked like on Friday night? IT LOOKS THE SAME AS ALL THE OTHER MARGARITAS, YOU JUST ADDED A FILTER TO IT.

2. Hi, my name is Lara and I’m a life-aholic. “HI LARA!”

Blogging is straight up therapy for me. It’s the only place where I can be totally dramatic and won’t get judged for it. Much like real-life therapy, your therapist should be an unbiased individual who doesn’t know you past what you tell them. I’m lucky to have almost 200 therapists. Take that Obamacare! I got free therapy.

3. I’m a sucker for non-fiction

I’ve never really been into fantasy reading. I’ve always enjoyed real life stories and that’s one thing I love about blogging. I’m so enthralled with peoples’ lives because quite frankly, humans are extremely interesting. Who needs werewolves and vampires when you have online dating? For reals.

4. Dear, diary.

As you all know, I’ve never really been much of a journaling person, so I consider this platform my public diary. And I want to keep these entries for the rest of my life so that when I’m 70 and doing word searches in the nursing home, I’ll have a chance to reflect on my life-especially the best parts of it. I sincerely believe 20’s and 30’s are make-or-break years and I plan on keeping myself updated every step of the way. Plus, I have an awful memory so it would be nice to know the actual story rather than a false memory. (Big shout out to pot for ruining my short term memory during my teen years).

5. Inspiration-nation

I love blogging, and reading blogs to get inspired. Reading about others ripping themselves from the chains of negativity and actually doing something about their lives is so uplifting. I know for the most part I have a positive blog, but I’m not always so damn chipper. And I have a hard time pulling myself out of a situation and changing my actions. I’m a Taurus for god’s sake. A stubborn bull.


So there you have it. Another lovely nomination for another fabulous award. I wish I had time to write about each and every one of you because I love you all the same. You are all inspirational, uplifting, positive people who, even if you don’t think so, you light up my life. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. It wouldn’t be so great without every one of you.

2 days left of 2013.




  1. Congrats Lara. And great call on Aussa too.

    I don’t think I’ve seen any other WordPress blogs that garner as much attention / interaction from readers. And it’s consistent from post to post, which is no easy task. I’m convinced she must be offering sexual favours to people. Well. That’s how she got me hooked. Still waiting Aussa…

    Totally agree with you about the non-fiction stuff and the sense of community with this whole blogging thing. Speaking of which, do either of you know what the hell happened to Mike (I assume Aussa will be reading this too)?

    Happy New Year by the way!

    1. Oh my God I was going to ask you the same thing about Mike! I assume that because of the holidays, he’s been super busy with his kids and all. I hope everything is okay. I have a few followers that have dropped off the face of planet-internet and don’t know what happened.

      Aussa is absolutely incredible. And her writing is out of control. I’m waiting for sexual favors as well, Aussa….

      HAha! And Happy New Year to you too! I honestly feel like 2014 is going to kick major ass. Let’s hope it does.

      And it’s been a pleasure getting to know you Sean. You’re writing is equally awesome and I LOVE your life’s adventures. You’re going to wake up a happy old man someday because you LIVED.

    2. Jumping in on the Mike conversation… I have no clue. I noticed it a couple weeks ago and tweeted Linda (Expat Eye) about it… she said he had deleted his e-mail too :-/ So, not sure… maybe he is still lurking about and reading anonymously so if so: MIKE COME BACK, WE MISS YOU.

      1. Haha don’t think the thought hasn’t crossed my mind…
        I think it’s cold there, though.
        We could pull together all of the things we remember about him/his wife’s job/his house/specific references to geography…

  2. I so agree that blogging is such an amazing sociable experience with a great sense of community. It totally took me by suprise when I actually got to know people. I will check out the blog you reccomended. I feel like I am missing out on something.
    My last post was about a blogger and a friend who seems yo have dissapeared off the face of the planet. Sucks, doesn’t it?
    Hope you have a great new year x

    1. It does stink! Totally understandable, though. Everyone has lives off of wordpress. I totes miss Mike but he’s a dad so I get his disappearance. I’ve been gone just because of the holidays. After New Years I’ll definitely be back to my daily blogging self!

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Lara. You deserve the nomination!

    I’ve never been called “lovely” before, which is awesome; it sounds better than “pretty,” which has been designated to me more times than I’d like to admit.

    Keep up the great work, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for 2014.

    I have also been thinking about Mike as well, hoping he reads this and everything is all good in his hood.

    1. Ahh you’re very welcome, sir. You deserve it just as much! I was thinking about your New York adventures yesterday. I went shopping in the city for the day and was like “Wouldn’t it be cool if I stumbled upon my blogging buddy.”

      By the way, Times Square is less enjoyable in downpouring rain. WAH!

      1. We have crossed paths through here, so it’s a start. Perhaps our paths will cross in real life down the road. It would be incredible to meet fellow bloggers, and especially those writers who I have gotten “to know” through here.

        Hope you had a wonderful New York experience. I was there in spirit. Happy New Year, Lara!

  4. Congratulations on the award. And I agree, Aussa tells some amazing stories. Is there anyone on WordPress who hasn’t heard of her at this point?

    good luck in 2014, friend!

  5. I don’t even know what to say. I had no idea when I clicked over here that I would be so blown away. Gosh… um, thank you? So tempted to just grab hold of the “sexual favors” line of thought and go with that ๐Ÿ˜‰ But this post seriously made me cry and not in a “I need the baby seal” kind of way but in that “holy shit, someone gets me” kind of way. For real, I don’t even have adequate words right now. Thank you so much.

    Also, I must say that you nailed it on those 5 things– I agree with every single one of them. Oh! And I’m a Taurus as well, huzzah!

    Seriously, you’re awesome.

    1. Aw, any time girl! You deserve it. I can relate to you so much. And now I know it’s because we’re Taurus’! hah. But for real. I love your writing and I just see so much strength in even your humorous posts. Keep doing you, girl. YOU are awesome

  6. “Life did not pick you out of a worldly lineup and decide to seriously ruin your day and your day only.

    Life also did not know that you had 10,000 other things on your plate to deal with.

    Things donโ€™t work that way.”

    Just found your site (thanks Aussa) and I’m in!

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