Almost Home Free!

Hey Ya’ll! Sorry about disappearing for the last several days. It’s finals week for me, so I’ve been cramming like a mad woman since it just so happens to be the week before Christmas. I also have The Drummer’s work Christmas party on Friday, so that already takes away one day of homework doing.

But lemme tell you.

On Saturday at 11:59 PM, I’M DONE SCHOOL UNTIL MARCH!

I take 8 week accelerated courses and I can take them as I please. I decided to take the next term off because A.) I can barely afford it for right now and B.) I’m EXHAUSTED.

Working full time and doing homework 6 days a week while trying to juggle exercise, friends, family, and now a boyfriend is tiring as shit. I need a hardcore rest. And some time to do more “me” stuff.

I’ll be spending these next few months working out harder, reading the fifty shades trilogy that’s been sitting next to my bed for months, seeing all my old friends who I just haven’t had time for right now…

And most importantly, blogging. I haven’t been able to really sit down and delve into writing lately. So I promise I’ll be blogging more and it will actually be something of substance instead of my usual ADHD word vomit.

I really love reading everyone’s end of the year posts. You are all so inspiring and it’s been an absolute pleasure sharing and swapping stories with you. We seem to have all hit a rough patch somewhere this year, but as long as we keep our faces towards the sun, we will always shine.

I know a lot of people think New Years is cliché and that it’s just another day, but it really does hold so much meaning. It’s a reminder that life goes on. That the only constant in this world is change-every second, every day, and yes, every year. If time continues, then why can’t we?

My only wish for all of you is to have the strength to jump over every hurdle you weren’t prepared for. And if you’re shy a few inches, trip, and fall, may you get back up again. It might not feel like it, but you have so many people rooting for you to cross the finish line.

The race of life isn’t actually a race, nor is it timed. It’s a steady journey in which you decide what course to take and at what speed you will travel. If you get lost, don’t be afraid to ask for directions. That’s what friends are for.

P.S. I had a request from The Howling Fantogs to upload some of my artwork, so I decided to share one of my favorites. It’s a charcoal and pencil drawing of my niece that I framed for my mother 2 Christmas’ ago. Sorry about the glare-it’s a picture of a picture!


Wish me luck on my finals! May I kick-ith thee-ith ass-ith.



  1. Till March? Man, that is awesome. Said the guy who hasn’t worked all year! Best of luck for finals.

    PS – From what I hear, you shouldn’t waste your time on 50 shades. Like seriously dude. It’s supposed to be awful.

    1. Ahhh thank you 🙂 I’m so pumped to actually have a life for a little while again!

      I’ve heard mixed things about 50 shades. I’m just curious, so I’ll have to report back once I start. If it sucks, that’s okay. I read a lot of real life 50 shades on wordpress haha

  2. If this is your end of year post, then I would like to thank you for all the laughs you have given me over the short time I have followed you (excuse me being sentimental, I am a bit drunk right now? No, really) Have enjoyed getting to know you through your posts. I also glad you decided to upload some of your art work. I didn’t think you would. I really love it, and promise to give it a better look when I am sober.

    ps. Thank God for spell check right now.

  3. Huzzah to no school until March! That sounds absolutely woooonderful. Also: Though you are busy we will need to hear about the Christmas Party with the drummer…
    I’m looking forward to 2014 like a beast! New Years is so much more than any other day… it’s an opportunity 🙂
    PS- What the heck, girl. That drawing is very very good. I’d like to see more, por favor.

  4. Lara, I knew you and The Drummer would get together eventually. I love it! I need to catch up some more because I have been gone too. I have such a lot of things to write about. Lord knows I have taken this “Summer, Single and Anne Boleyn” thing to a level I didn’t think it would go to.

    I love this post because it is inspirational and I feel like I have definitely learned great things from you. I am definitely going to come and visit you in the States. And then…I am going to have a whiskey (Jameson, of course) with you!

  5. hurray for no more school for a while! finals can go suck a fat one! but at least youre getting it over with! we totally have to hear about the christmas party! im sure thats going to be a fun night (; have a good drink for me! or a few! hahaha and you have so much talent! thats a really nice drawing (:

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