Frosty’s Evil Twin

My surgery is in 2 hours.

I have Chinese food on the way to my work where I will take a few doses of Valium before my dad picks me up to bring me to the devil’s assistant, the periodontist.

I thought this was awesome though. Frosty’s evil twin, Freaky, is a man dressed up as a snowman who travels from city to city totally freaking out unsuspecting shoppers walking by (for our enjoyment of course). This episode was shot on Newbury Street in Boston. Hysterical.



  1. Instant classic – the reactions are priceless — love the older lady who jumps out of her skin then goes “Shit! That scared me.” – giving the dude hell. Cool. — and dad taking you to the periodontist – yup, Dad’s totally ROCK!

  2. Oh my gosh, this made my (late) night– I am crying over here, this is is amazing. I like all the “fucking hell” and “shit” and “what the fuck” that is then followed by the guy who’s like “goodness gracious!” BAHAHAHAHA and I love that everyone’s reactions to the fear is to immediately start laughing… I feel like I might be able to muster up some sort of deep thought in association with that observation. Also: this reminds me of a guy in San Francisco who does a similar thing out on the warfs by hiding behind a tree branch and jumping out at people. It’s amazing.

    Good luck with your surgery, dearest. I hope you are okay? And start healing ASAP.

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