This Weekend, I Date & Dance

AAAAAYYY Friday! I gotta keep this post quick today because in all actuality, I have a ton of work to do, so instead of sitting on WordPress for 8 hours, I should probably do some of that. This week has been absolutely INSANE. I’ve hardly had contact with anything except for school books this week, so Friday-I salute you.


I get a double dose of fun this weekend. I have Date #2 tonight with The Drummer. I chose the place this time. I’m pretty excited that the ice is already broken and those first date nerves are over. I really hate awkwardness (even though it’s my life, yo). AND tomorrow I am gay clubbing it up because I JUST WANNA DANCE! Boston has some amazing gay nights and Carmen Carrera from Rupaul’s Drag Race is going to be in the city this weekend! I love the gay club we go to on Saturdays because it’s filled with really good looking men who I can dance with without fearing that I will feel a boner coming from my dance partner. There is NO line in the women’s bathroom, and the lights make me feel like I’m in a JLo music video.


I have the awful task of picking out an outfit after work. I wish there was an app where you could send a series of pictures of yourself in certain outfits to be judged by a fashion expert on the other side. What if I decided to wear my red pants and skull shirt tonight?


Too soon? Alright, alright. Another time.

I have the annoying task of doing MONSTROUS amounts of homework this weekend as well. Sunday, when I’m hung over like crazy, the last thing I want to do is read a book about laws. Hold that thought, law book, I’m gonna vom real quick. My professor gives us an insane amount of homework. When one student asked for advice on how to handle reading all 200+ pages next week, plus our papers and usual work AND a midterm worth a quarter of our grade, the professor responded: “I SUGGEST you should do all your work.”



I will own you Professor B.

Whatever though. This class is only until December 22 and then I’m taking a hiatus from school until March. I’m exhausted. And technically going to school “for fun” so I can do it whenever I want.

All I care about is today. It’s Friday. I get to sleep in tomorrow. And when that clock says 5:00 PM, I’m out of this place.




  1. I’ve loved the gay clubs in college for the same reason, but I think someone caught on. One time, I was minding my own business – just dancing away – when this 40+ guy comes up and puts his arm around my shoulders. I was near a wall, so he kind of had me cornered. He was very drunk and blabbing on about how he’d “never been to this type of place.” Apparently, he was a straight old guy who wasn’t 100% comfortable with the bar of equal love. One of my friends quickly came to my rescue. We had a pact to be each other’s lesbian lovers if needed.

    Also, I’m pretty sure college professors think their class is the only class worth your time. Sure, I could do all this work if I didn’t have 5 other classes.

    1. hahahahah! Oh man, I haven’t experienced THAT at a gay club yet. Hopefully I won’t have to. I usually go with a few girls so I def have some lady lovers to save me from creep men!

  2. Oh you gotta wear the red pants and skull shirt – for sure — totally rock it Lara! Sounds like a fantastic weekend lined up – minus the homework obviously – but c’mon, you’re young and cool – you can handle it. Have a blast 🙂

  3. Kittens. Lightsabres. I’m going to the nearest shelter to train cats. By Halloween next year, I prepare a production of Star Wars Epsiodes IV through VI. It will be awesome.

    I’ve got nothing else to do. The word “better” was thrown in there, but it was removed; nothing is better than that. If the Puppy Bowl takes place in February along side the Super Bowl, my goal is to have an annual Star Wars reinactment at Halloween, since I’m too old to Trick or Treat and I don’t have kids.

  4. Gah, I was right there with you this week! I don’t remember the last time I looked forward to a weekend so much. And sadly… now it is over. *slumps over* I hope Date # 2 went well, let us know!

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