A Promise

A Promise

The Struggle is inevitable.
Life is going to absolutely suck sometimes.

It’s going to kick you to the ground.
You’re going to lift one knee,
Use the other for support while you push yourself back up,
And while you’re shaking up enough energy to push harder,
Life is going to knock you down again.

It may not feel like it at that very moment,
But I promise you:

To fight through the pain, even when it’s unbearable
Will get you further than suffering on the ground.

Because someday, somehow
If you keep getting up
Life will get tired and stop kicking you

And in that moment of freedom and clarity
The time spent mid stance won’t seem so bad.

If you quit, you’ll never know what it feels like to overcome what you once thought was impossible.

Trust me. It feels good.

Do you really want to spend your life wondering?



      1. Thanks to you – and encouragement from others – they are… hurting 🙂 Yup, I actually did it this morning! Did my cardio, then hit the weights – chest presses, bicep curls, blah-blah, then also did squats and lunges and ab crunches and planks. Wahoo! Really gonna hurt tomorrow I bet – but its the good pain right? Damn right. Thanks Lara – I really appreciate it.

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