Versatile Blogger Award


Happy Hump Day Ya’ll! Two more days ’til the weekend. Hell. to the. Yes.


I wanted to take today to extend a GINORMOUS thank you to Average Nobodies for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’ve never been much of a writer. Besides the usual 7th grade diary, the only writing I’ve ever done were countless research papers for college. I can write the shit out of a research paper-let me tell you. I started this blog as an outlet-a way to get out all my crazy thoughts without dumping them ALL on my friends’ ears. It’s my place where I can be weird, inspirational, funny, or just random. It’s become so much more than that, though. The people I’ve interacted with in the last few months have put infinite smiles on my faces. The blogs I read either make my day or make me spit my coffee out at work in the morning. So for that, I thank you all.

I’m going to keep this thing going and give you a few facts about myself that [maybe] you didn’t know:

1.  I’m 50% Lebanese, 25% French Canadian and 25% British. Let’s get weird.

2. I drink A LOT of whiskey. The smoother, the better, but shit yeah-I’m broke-so Jameson is my go to.

3. I have the fattest cat EVER named Baby.

4. I sleep with my eyes open – no lie.

5. I’ve been giving myself singing lessons for a few years now. I may post a song or two one day.

6. I spend a lot of time practicing shakin’ my booty in front of the mirror. For dance floor purposes, that is.

7. I’m pretty nasty at hula hooping. I got a light up one for my birthday this year. Baaaaawlin’

Here’s my top 15 picks for the award. Please, please. Check them out. They make my day and I know they’ll make yours.

1.    Existentialists R Us
2.    Paris From the Inside Out
3.    The Infinite Abyss(es)
4.    Average Nobodies
5.    Pizza of Doom
6.    Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy.
7.    Sophiaspeaks
8.    Soundtrack of the Youth
9.    Must Be This Tall to Ride
10.  Toronto@Home
11.  MelancholyContemplation
12.  whiskeyinateacupp
13.  The People I Have Slept With
14. Queer and Confused in Capetown
15. The Office Inbetweener

As always, thank you so much for keeping up with my daily craziness. I always appreciate your feedback and comments and I just want to virtually high five every single one of you.

Peace, Love, Spirit, Whiskey, and Men.




  1. You are beyond awesome! Thanks so much – Cheers 😀 — that sleeping with your eyes open thing – that’s gotta freak some people out big time right? Ahhh! Is she dead? Nope… still breathing… hey, maybe I can steal her panties… 😉

    1. Hahah! Yeah, it’s definitely a little weird. I usually warn anyone I’m having a sleepover with of this little fact about me. Luckily, I’m usually up first! Haha, maybe that’s my defense against other panty thieves. I won’t warn anyone next time 😉

  2. Thank you so much. That’s really sweet of you.

    Have to agree with Mike though, the eyes open thing is a bit strange but hey, I sure as hell am in no position to talk about strange!

    Consider yourself virtual high-fived back.

    1. Haha I know, I know. It’s not thaaaaat bad. Like I told Mike, at least I warn anyone I’m sleeping with not to worry. I’ve had people check my breathing before-pretty hilarious. Maybe I don’t sleep-this is just my waking life 😉

  3. Aw, thank you!
    #2: Jameson is the only thing my budget will allow either and it takes me back to the Czech Republic when whiskey was the only thing keeping me alive.

    #4: WHAT!!!???!!!! LIKE GANDALF?! More details needed, please. Possibly an entire post.

    #7: I found a stack of hula hoops in an old abandoned building while I was tromping about. I was like “Oooo, watch my mad skills” and then I made some very sad attempt of swiveling while the plastic hoop just clattered to the ground. In that moment I realized my youth had fizzled out before my eyes. I am very jealous that you have retained these skills.

    1. Haha! I LOVE that you love Jameson. God, can we can our little blogging community together sometime? I feel like we need to all throw in, buy a HUGE apartment building complex and all live happily ever after.

      Yes. I totally sleep with my eyes open. I will most definitely have to post about this soon. It can definitely be creepy haha (especially because I talk sometimes too)

      And I swear, with hula hooping, practice makes perfect. My niece had a bunch and I couldn’t even get it to go around once, but I kept trying and trying and finally I got it right. Then I got me some big girl ones at Toys R Us and now it’s all I do! Haha

      1. Yes we can all cohabitate in a big building but we will need you to wear some sort of monitor that informs us of when you are and are not conscious. Like a medallion or something that glows blue when you are asleep. That way we can always know….

        And oh man. Now I kind of want to get a hula hoop and try to resurrect my mad skills from the 5th grade. Surely that counts as exercise, yeah?

      2. Haha! OMG that medallion would be the coolest thing ever!

        And YES. That totally counts as exercise. The American Council on Exercise estimates 30 minutes should burn about 200 calories. I know, I know. Information Queen over hurr.

  4. Thanks for the shout out Lara! It’s really sweet of you.

    You should move up from Jameson and give Johnny Walker a try. Black Label at least though cause Red Label is crap and only good for mixing. And if you wanna get a little fancier and spend another few bucks, try Glenfiddich 12 on for size.

    1. I know, I know! I’ve been branching out, wallet allowing. I actually drink a ton of Johnny Walker Blue Label when I’m down in PA. It was a gift to a friend who doesn’t drink so that’s what I wash down with every time I’m there haha! I will definitely try the Glenfiddich. Is that a scotch or bourbon?

      1. Wowwww, Blue Label? Alright fancy pants! The only time I had Blue Label was in a bar in NYC, for $45 a glass. Good, smooth shit, but it’s the very definition of overpriced and overrated. There are single malts out there that trounce it for a third of the price.

        Glenfiddich is a scotch (in fact all the Glens are). Glenlivet 12 is also a nice cheap single malt scotch to try. As for bourbon, seek out Jefferson’s 18 if you can find it. Taaaaasty stuff.

      2. Haha I know right?! It was a gift to my friend and he doesn’t drink anymore, so when I’m there it’s open season on that bottle (which is HUGE). Oh yum! I’m a scotch lady myself. I only drink bourbon every now and then, like in my old fashions! Thanks for the tips. I’m craving whiskey now. At 8 AM. Is that bad?

  5. Thank you, Lara! I definitely appreciate having you as a reader, and I’m glad we–not only read each other’s work–support each other in this entire Blogiverse as well.

    I cannot wait to check out, read, and follow these other blogs. Hopefully my reader gets its shit together; it’s been acting slow and funky. I know, in the music realm, this is ideal and I could dig it, but not in the technology aspect. It’s being ridiculous. C’mon WordPress. No me gusta.

    (I keep getting signed out as well. This is the third time I’ve tried to post this comment.)

    1. Haha oh, grasshopper. One cannot learn to “write the shit” out of a research paper. One must just do.

      ORRRR I just meant I’m really good at research papers. I think if there were a “fluff” award, I’d be in the top 5.

  6. First of all – you are FRACKING AWESOME so I am totally in favour of your nomination! 50% Lebanese doesn’t make you sexier it makes you UBER SEXIER. Such a pretty girl! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stories with us.

    Secondly, thanks for nominating me and mentioning my tiny blog on here. I really appreciate it. THANK YOU 🙂

    1. Anytime, sir! I love my little community on here. You guys make work go by just a smidge faster! 🙂

      Haha and thank you! Weird mix, I know. At least I tan like a champ in the summer!! haha

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