Tuesday Inspiration

Tuesday Inspiration

“What we do does not define who we are. What defines us is how we pick ourselves up when we fall.”



  1. Cripes – this is bang on. We’re all gonna have set-backs and failures – if you allow them to defeat you… well, then you’re a failure. If you come back stronger and fighting harder – then – well, you’re not. Nice one 🙂

    1. Exactly! It actually goes pretty well with your post, I must say. I had so much more to add to my post today, but I think the weekend has finally caught up to me. I put coffee in my protein shake to drink right before my workout. Haha gotta keep going somehow!

      1. LOVE IT! Coffee in the protein shake – great idea. I’ve actually heard coffee isn’t a bad pre-workout drink – helps gets the heart rate up and all of that. In my case that would probably be the extra that would cause a coronary – but you should be good to go. Way to go hitting the gym as wiped as you are too – remember – squats – and lots of ’em. Dammit… there’s that butt again 😉

      2. Hahah! I know. I’ve read mixed things about drinking coffee before a workout. I figure, as long as I don’t have chest pains I should be good to go, right? haha Ugh. And I know, I’m a damn beast. Between that, work, and school, I’m exhauuuusted. Well worth it though. Lol yes. lots o’ squats fo’ dat bum bum bum 😉

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