You Know It When You See It

One way or another you guys know Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound” track, but you should really give the whole album a listen. The songs are genius and their sound is so upbeat and perfect for driving around on a sunny, fall Sunday.

This track, “Farrah Fawcett Hair” is absolutely hysterical and I’m sure most of you will hate it, but this is what I drove to work listening to-and it’s good shit.

For a Monday, today doesn’t feel so bad. I went to that haunted house I was telling you all about on Friday. It was “okay.” I’m no bad ass-I’m actually terrified of things like this, but there just weren’t enough actors or “boo” factors to keep my blood flowing. At the end of the house, one of the zombies asked us what we thought of the whole show and I was brutally honest. Hey, I’m a baby when it comes to stuff like that and if I wasn’t scared-you have an issue. The guy was wicked nice and let us go through again for free. Sorry, but it was even less scary the second time around. At least I felt like I got my money’s worth then.

I didn’t make it to the Beer Festival on Saturday. See, I’m one of those people that makes all of these productive plans for the weekend. I tell tales of waking up early, showering immediately, running all the errands I didn’t get a chance to do during the week, and then execute my plans for the day/night.

But then, I just end up staying in bed with my greasy hair and eating…
I did make it to my friend’s house though. We decided to do things a little backwards on Saturday. We started out the evening by getting drunk early at the local bars and THEN we went home and had dinner/watched slasher movies. It’s October-and Halloween season-and my favorite holiday ever-so I HAVE to watch as much blood and guts as possible before I get into the Christmas spirit.

One of our regular bars was pretty busy for an early Saturday night. The bouncer was outside and greeted my friends and I and then proceeded to tell us how I was a short hair away from being cut off the last time we were there.

If my memory served me correctly (which, apparently it didn’t), I thought I had complete control that night.

According to said bouncer man, I was less “fine” and more like this.

“Dually noted,” I told the bouncer.

Man, do I have a warped sense of how I am when I’ve been heavily drinking. Luckily, I’m not obnoxious or angry or negative in any way when I’m like that. I just look like I have jello legs and have a hard time standing up straight. The bouncer said I was quite pleasant, actually. Polite, friendly, and not a bother at all. I just looked absolutely shitfaced. Ha! Well, at least I know I’m a sweet drunk.

The date-cation is going amazing. I feel so refreshed and less stressed. I’ve had a few guys text me over the last few weeks, but I ignored them. I know, I know-it sounds rude. But these men aren’t my friends or even an acquaintance. They are just people I’ve met along my single journeys who haven’t contacted me at all except right now when I DON’T WANT TO DATE. Isn’t that how it usually goes? Obviously, if I had actually had a date with any of them, I would have let them down gently and politely. I’m really not that mean, guys. Why would you text a girl 6 months after you met her anyways? Anyone ever heard of the 3 day rule? It’s shocking I even remember you.

This Friday, I’m off to Pennsylvania again. My friend who got married this past year is now pregnant, so I have to go down for the baby shower. As usual, I’m SO excited! Whiskey, guns, country, funny accents, and animals everywhere. This is my absolute favorite vacation spot.

I do feel bad though. The southern boy I spent the wedding night with back in August is far too excited to see me. I strictly explained to him BEFOREHAND that this was a one-time deal. I was on a wedding high and was in a fabulous mood and needed someone to share that mood with. Unfortunately, even though I sold my bargain, he thinks we were meant to be way more than what we were. Which was nothing. He doesn’t even have my number for God’s sake. He doesn’t even know a thing about me besides my name. How can you be that into someone you know nothing about? Luckily, my friend Matt had “the talk” with him..again..So I think I’ll be okay come this weekend. Thankfully, my friend is doing her shower the old fashioned way, having only girls. PHEW. That takes care of one event. Either way, I’m excited for vacation.



    1. Ahh that’s wonderful! It’s honestly a good thing. I’ve always been into dating and men, so it’s not like I’ve been trying to fill a void or anything. But, sometimes, you just need a breather from relationships. Get in touch with your friends-make some girls night plans and just go let loose for a night or two. I’ve been spending a lot of time tapping into my spiritual side-meditation/exercise, etc. It’s lovely.

  1. Rules for dating? Rules are meant to be broken, but not in the psychodic sense. Regarding the timeless assumption of the “Three-Day Rule:” If you like someone, or you have fun, you should let them know the following day. I am the type of person who prefers to call rather than text, so I’ll call and cross my fingers, hoping the girl’s voicemail picks up. It’s not that I don’t want to ttalk to her, but leaving a quick message is fine by me. Then, it’s time to wait for her to make the next contact. Then, depending on when (or if) she contacts the caller back, it’s best to wait a good day or so to set something up.

    1. I like your style! It’s insane how much texting has ruined communication for us. Calling a girl is fabulous. Of course it’s nerve wracking but even if she did answer, I’m sure it wouldn’t be weird. I’d actually prefer it if a guy called me.

      I don’t really have rules, either. I was just implying not waiting 6 months to call a girl you met because chances are, she barely remembers you! Or in my case, this said girl may not want to date anyone at the moment. 6 months is a long, long time to wait haha

      1. Thanks! Much appreciated, the formality. At this time, I have to type a quick story on here.

        I am taking a quick moment to call myself out on doing the “not calling thing,” because I want to preserve my integrity as an imperfect human being. It pertains to all of us that when we get out of a long relationship we all need a little time to ourselves.

        So, I met a nice girl, who introduced me to her nice friend–attractive, smart, really nice. We went out a couple of times, but I freaked myself out, which lead to my convincing that I didn’t want to jump into a relationship too soon. So, I never called back, because of my state of panic.

        Don’t I see her recently, give or take a year, and she looks better. Of course, she has to remember me, because I am looking out of the corner of my eye and she is practically glaring over at me. Dead in the water, but I never talked to her, because (1) I feel like an ass, (2) I was seeing somone at that time, (3) I feel like an ass. She looks better, and it’s obvious that she recognizes me, and I probably put myself deeper in the “Asshole Bin” since I didn’t say anything. Yes, I did remember her name.

        So, guys, we need to take a lesson.

      2. Aw, man! You should have said hi! I mean, a year is a long time to hold a grudge over someone you barely knew. You had your reasons, and they were good reasons. She can’t blame you for doing what you had to do. But it’s true-if the opportunity strikes, take it. If your gut tells you to go for it, do it! That’s what I do! I mean, I don’t want to date anyone right now, but if someone comes my way that I can’t seem to say no to, then why the hell not?

      3. Oh, there was no grudge. I just didn’t want to date this girl, because I was still in rebound mode from being with my ex. Meeting this young woman was at the wrong time, and I was bieng stupid.

        If you can’t say no, then don’t. Patience is a virture, as they say (whoever “they” are). If you meet someone you cannot say “No” to, then don’t.

  2. Oh man, glad to hear I’m not alone in over-committing (in my own head at least) my plans for the weekend and then ever so rarely really following through. Oh sure, we’re going to bring the kids to all kinds of fabulous places and do fabulous things — and then, sure maybe we do one thing or another, but in the end we usually just end up spending a whole lot of time hanging around the house together. Reading, writing, drawing, watching movies. And you know what? It’s not such bad a way to spend the weekend. BTW – that bouncer is a total dick! Calling you out when you’re just being happily tipsy? C’mon! What’s that all about. Total wanker.

    1. Hah! Story of my life. I was supposed to get an oil change, clean my car to get ready for vacation this weekend, return some stuff I bought last week. But no, no. I did nothing. Haha! I was lucky I accomplished showering and getting ready for my night on Saturday.

      Yeah, the bouncer wasn’t being mean about it. He just said the bartenders were going to stop serving me after a while. Which, would have been fine considering I had quite enough to drink that night haha 🙂

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