You Already Know Your Future

You Already Know Your Future

Ah, the Celtic Cross spread.

My best friend is extremely gifted in a clairvoyant sense. It’s not spiritually sound to boast about such things, but I’ll leave it at that. Every now and then, we do tarot cards and on Monday he laid out the Celtic Cross for me.

Each card displayed a tiny piece of my life. It reaffirmed many things for me-things I wasn’t ready to admit out loud. I’m happy that I got to delve into my psyche with my close friend or else it would have been much more uncomfortable to come to terms with. I won’t bore you all with each detail, but there is much I need to work on in my present time. The vertical card in the center represents where I am and the card lying horizontally on top is what’s standing in my way. They described one who is in the healing process, who is doing a tremendous job of overcoming large obstacles in their life, but their current behaviors and lower vibrations are standing in the way of prospering even further. It’s crazy because every time I get a reading, the healing card is ALWAYS pulled up. Whether it’s with 3 cards or 30, that card is present. I know I’m in a good place right now. I know I’ve come so far in the last few years. But I also know that sometimes my actions don’t reflect that (case and point: meaningless, yet passionate nights with LM). I had to go through a phase these past 7 months and I know that I’m coming to the point where I’m getting tired of “dating for fun” and all that jazz.

I used to say, “You know, what? I’m single. I’m just going to go on an outrageous number of dates just because. YOLO.”

Now? YO. NO.

Over it. Completely.

I’m not going on another date unless I absolutely want to. Before this point in my life, I never used to agree to a date “just because” or “you never know.”

Nah. No. Like, I really do know. When I look at someone, I can tell almost immediately if I’m going to click with them. And it’s rare. And that’s how I know I know. I don’t need to feel anyone out. I’m extremely intuitive and I can read peoples’ energy very well. I need to start using my awareness intelligently or I’m going to end up with another panty thief again. All of my summer dates were made knowing they wouldn’t work out, yet I still agreed to them because I was in search of a filler to a void that truly was never there to begin with.

Ah, and then the last card of the night: my future. My future card depicts a romance with a man that I need to get rid of. EHEM. EHEM. Yes, tarot cards. I know.

I know what you all are thinking:

But, Lara! Don’t you like him? Doesn’t he like you? Don’t give up just yet!

But, guys. I actually don’t think I like him at all. And I don’t think he has feelings for me either. I think it’s just a total lust-driven romance. I’ve thought about it several times over the past month and I’ve always come up with the same conclusion. It’s just…he’s so cute…and sweet…and well, good at things…but not for me. And I’m not for him either. And especially right now, this just isn’t the time for us.

I don’t regret a thing though. He’s definitely what I needed right now. But he’s not what I’m going to need tomorrow. I don’t know how to explain it. I just know this is how it’s going to be. And I think he knows it too.

The thing about tarot cards isn’t that they’re going to tell you anything you DON’T know. I don’t believe that. I honestly don’t.

I believe in the power of them. But I believe we are the masters of our own deck. Everything that’s laid out in a card is what you already should know, if your intuition serves you well. If you don’t know yourself well enough to know how these cards play into your life, then you need to do soul searching. You need to bring up your level of awareness. You need to be conscious of your past and present, and be cautious of how they’re going to shape your future.

I only mentioned a few details of my spread, but the rest were just as insightful. I felt a sense of relief after seeing my life laid out before my eyes. I was also very happy to reaffirm my past and future cards. The past signified a time in my life where everything was absolutely perfect. Life was AMAZING. Not just good, but incredible. Once I get through the obstacles that are keeping me from continuing my journey, I’ll be able to get back to that place, which is exactly what my future card depicted.

But, like I said. I already knew this. Sometimes, you just need to voice the truth that’s in your heart in order for it to travel to your mind. Mission Accomplished.

“When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.”



  1. I’ve never done a tarot card reading, I imagine it would be kind of hilarious and full of bad omens.

    I agree with you on the emptiness of “dating for dating.” Maybe this is enjoyable for some people (like sitcom cast members and Tucker Max) but I found it pretty exhausting. I’d rather take myself on a fancy date, even if that means I have to pick up the check.

    1. Yeah, I’ve never done a reading with a psychic. I have this belief that giving money to someone (whether or not they are real) for a reading isn’t right. I don’t think it’s right to make people pay for an extra-human-ordinary gift, and I also don’t know where the source of their information is coming from (i.e. good, evil, etc.).

      YES! I know so many people who are just dating monsters and it just gives me anxiety to think about. I’d rather have the “butterflies” than “dread” in my stomach haha! I think there’s a difference.

      1. There is definitely a difference! And a guy I work with once offered to read my tarot cards… I’ll have to take him up on this next time my boss is in a meeting.

  2. “I believe we are the masters of our own deck” — truer words have never been spoken. You make your life happen – you create your own destiny. The decisions you make today, the good will you put out there into the world, the hard work and dedication – it all comes back to you and creates a positive future. And I for one (now slipping into “probably unwelcome fatherly advice mode” – but I can’t help myself) am really glad you appear to fully recognize the LM relationship for what it sounds like it is. Cheers 🙂

    1. I welcome any fatherly advice, since my father would probably faint if he saw my blog 🙂 Thank you. And yes, I’m very aware of what’s going on around me. I want something real and down to earth, because that’s exactly what I am. It’s just hard dating in a generation where everyone wants to stay single, have sex with everyone, and spread STD’s. I just have to be pickier. But I will, I will! Date-Cation!!

      1. You’ve got it right – never EVER settle for a dude that isn’t worthy of you. Oh and I can 100% confirm that your dad would drop dead if he ever read your blog – cripes, I’m already getting night sweats with worry that my daughter is going to start liking boys soon… if she doesn’t already… NOOOOOO!!!!

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