The Invisible Beauty

I think sometimes we worry for too long
That we’re missing out on something.
That something inside of us is supposed to magically morph
Into what we thought we should be.
And then our minds wander
And wonder
Where all the beauty is in the world.
You can’t see it
And your mind goes rapid
And you start believing it doesn’t exist
And stop seeing the good in everything altogether.
But did you ever notice
If you stare at something singular for so long
The outer peripheral disappears?
It’s the most classic optical illusion.
That’s where your eyes are deceiving you.
You’re focusing on one thing for so long
That you lose sight of what’s close by.
When you zero in on worry and negativity,
All of the beauty around you disappears.
Our eyes are only for seeing,
Not perceiving or believing.
Use your heart instead.
It won’t illude you.
It will lead you.



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