A Scientific Cure for a Hangover?

A Scientific Cure for a Hangover?

I heard this on the radio. And again on the news. And now I just read it while browsing through my morning reads, so I HAD to share.

Apparently (you know, instead of curing cancer or any degenerative diseases) scientists have found the cure for a hangover: Sprite.

Sprite? For reals? It took SCIENTISTS to figure that one out? I mean, hey, one giant leap for me and all that jazz, but what about the people actually suffering from Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s Disease? I think that’s a little worse than a hangover. Just saying.

However, it’s my friend’s birthday tomorrow and we’re obviously celebrating. I’m going to conduct an experiment of my own on Saturday morning and I’ll report back to ya’ll. Like I said, this is giant leaps for me. Gatorade just isn’t cutting it.

If you’re interested in the explanation of this phenomena using words with more than 3 syllables:





  1. You mean… all these years of pain and suffering… and all I had to do was… drink…a… Sprite? Aaaaaaargh! I hope your experiment proves this to be true – because Gatorade doesn’t work for me either 😦

    1. Haha seriously! A few weeks ago, I drank entirely too much and I had a drunken dream that there was a man in an ice cream truck passing out blue Gatorades. So when I woke up, I ran to the store to get one. Alas, it did nothing. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out. Truth be told, though, I’ve started to not get hangovers. I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing haha

      1. Not getting hangovers? I hope this doesn’t mean you’re using that oldest and most effective of hangover cures: Staying Drunk All The Time — haha – but seriously, lucky you 🙂

      2. Ha! Absolutely not. Maybe a few years ago, but I work for “the man” now and my job duties require me to be chipper as all hell at every point in my day. I take my weekends VERY seriously, however.

  2. Nonsense. You get hangovers because you dehydrate your body. Gatorade is mildly effective because it replaces a little of the electrolytes. Pedialyte is more effective but tastes awful. Doctors will actually give themselves IV’s of Ringer’s lactate, which is very effective at killing hangovers. Best to just drink a lot of water before you go to bed and hopefully wake up without a hangover. The problem is it’s kinda hard to remember when you’re shmammered and about to pass out!

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