As Rebecca Black Says..

As Rebecca Black Says..


And this is how I feel.

I’ve missed my little blog so much. I hate how school gets in the way, but I gotta stick with that responsibility thing that I do.

No new updates for you guys, really. I listened to you guys and reached out to The Nerd earlier in the week (which you were right), and he was excited to hear from me. I told him to give me a ring sometime this week or weekend when he was free if he wanted to do something, which he agreed to. I just left it at that though. He’s an engineer and wicked busy during the week, so it’s understandable if he isn’t around much. Plus, now that I have school, my free time is extremely limited-mostly to the weekends-and I’m a social butterfly so I’m usually booked solid by Wednesday. I just don’t want to tell him that!

“Oh hey. By the way, I’m like-wicked cool-so you have to let me know by the beginning of the week if you want to hang out or else I’ll have to pencil you in for October 5th.”

Uh, NO.

By the way, I’m not wicked cool (well, maybe). I just have a ton of friends in different circles so I try to make time for all of them when/if I can. I’m not one of those people who has a specific circle of friends-I run in different packs!

Alas, I’ll have to wait and see if The Nerd wants to see me soon. And so will you!

OH! And The DJ? One word: Flake.

I texted him on Sunday and he never got back to me. And he’s got those “read” receipts on his phone, so I know he saw it right away.

Was it something I said?

Do I use too many emojis?

Well, whatever it was, I don’t care. I love my emjois and they’re here to stay.

So The DJ’s texts were deleted and I quietly sang “Another One Bites the Dust.”


My friend’s boyfriend is totally making me go on a blind date next week-ish. He heard me drunkenly mumbling about how I just want a boy who will eat pizza, tell me jokes, and cuddle with me. Apparently, a light bulb went off in his head because he snapped a photo of me and sent it to his best friend immediately. We’re supposed to do a “double blind date.” He texted his friend, “Hey. We’re going out with Sabrina and Lara next week.” And then sent him a picture of me. I guess he said okay because it was settled. Haha! Who needs online dating? Get some of your friend’s boyfriends to hook it up. I feel a little weird because it’s B’s friend and if we don’t like each other that might make it awkward in the future. So, I told him to tell his friend this is more of a “blind hangout.” I’m always up for making new friends and B says he’s HYSTERICAL so maybe I’ll make a new friend if anything!

Anyways, I’m excited for the weekend. Lots to do, lots to see, and lots of great people to spend time with. I did as much work as I could for school this week so I can enjoy myself this weekend. I would hate to do work on a SATURDAY UGH.

Sorry to bore you guys. My weekend should add some adventure to my Monday blog! Until then:

Be safe.
Be free.
Be you.



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