Even Without the Sun

Even Without the Sun

Even without the sun, today is beautiful.
It’s beautiful because I believe it is.
I’m existing. I’m in it. I’ve smiled today.
I have no provisions for believing in its beauty
Because I believe in order for me to love my life
It should be unconditional, no matter the sorrow or pain.
No matter how awful my day goes,
No matter how many tears fall, or how many tears don’t,
No matter how much negative energy gets thrown at me,
My day will always get better
My eyes will always dry
My heart will always smile, even if my face can’t remember how to make one,
And my energy will deflect unwanted visitors
Because I have love in my heart.

When I’m going through some of the most trivial times in my life, I get this little glimmer of hope. I could be curled up in a ball, tears pouring down my face, wishing I could just stay in bed forever when all of a sudden I get this millisecond of warmth in my heart. That’s my rainbow after a storm.



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