Light Up Your Life

Light Up Your Life

Each morning when you open your eyes; say to yourself,
You, and not the day’s events,
have the power to make you happy or unhappy today.
You can choose which it shall be.
Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
You have just one day. Today.
When you start your day;
Tell yourself, “I’m going to be happy today.”

Everyday that you are alive is a blessing,
sometimes in disguise.
Don’t miss out on an opportunity to feel happiness.
Every day that is absent of your smile is a day wasted.
Live, love, learn, and go on.

Love you all xxx



  1. This is so true! Thanks Lara, I love your posts about being positive. It really inspires me. My song for the day was #Beautiful – Mariah & Miguel…because that is how I felt today!

    1. OMGosh I love Miguel! (and Mariah of course, but she’s legendary so she always counts). I’m glad you love the positivity. Even with such a crazy mixed up life, there’s no other way to look but up.

      1. Yes, I love me some Mimi too! But you are right, there is no other way to be but positive. You can not not be positive because life will sometimes get too much. It is during those times that you need to draw from your positivity well.
        Also, being around negative people just absolutely drains me, it’s toxic.

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