I Can’t Even Deal.

I Can't Even Deal.

Ever since I deleted my dating site accounts, my loneliness meter has been off the charts. I’m still talking to one guy, but we are both so busy we’ve only managed to hang out once. And clearly, I don’t feel that strongly about our situation because if I did I would have made time to hang out sooner. UGH I need a guy for the sole purpose of someone to sleep with at night…and eat pizza with sometimes, and…


And I had my own personal True Blood marathon the other night and legitimately drooled looking at Eric. Even when he’s covered in blood, the things I’d do to him. I even dreamt about him that night. If anyone knows of a guy that’s as delicious as he is,


I have issues.



  1. Lara, I swear to God we have the same brain! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post because it’s exactly how I feel!

    And Eric is just…I don’t even have words.

      1. And yet Sookie had her chance with him and we didn’t! Or at least you stand a waaaay better chance that I do!

  2. See I don’t have Vampire Diaries to drool over, anything with Emma Stone seems to have that effect on me lately. Just…ugh. I know exactly how you feel, sometimes it’s just the worst part of being single! I feel your pain in every way you listed aha.

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