Adventures & Love

Adventures & Love


My vacation starts tomorrow. After a long day at work, I’ll be en-route to Pennsylvania where I get to celebrate my two best friends’ wedding after ten years of being together. The picture I’ve posted is the view I see only a few minutes from their place. BEAUTIFUL. I’ll definitely be updating my blog as I venture down South. Road trips are always good for writing material.
Technically, my friends are already married. August 24th was supposed to be the big day, but my friend’s father passed away a few days after Thanksgiving and her world sort of fell apart from there. She decided that life is too short to waste time planning some big extravagant wedding, and instead, a few of us got together at the Justice of the Peace and watched them say their vows. It was small, but beautiful, and the only people that attended were truly the only people that mattered. Because she had invited almost 200 people to the wedding, she decided to keep the August date as their reception. HAHA! So imagine getting the “Save the Date” in the mail and reading “SURPRISE! We got hitched! Come celebrate!”

Legit, this is why these two are my best friends.

They’re absolutely right, though. If I ever get married (which Lord, I don’t see that ever happening in my future), I would do it the same way. I’ve never pictured myself in some oversized white gown with a vale, and people throwing rose petals at my feet. That just seems a little…odd to me. I’ve never been an attention seeker and the last thing I want is for people to worship the ground my overly priced wedding shoes walk on. I also don’t see what the point is of having a few hundred people that you probably don’t even like to witness such an experience. No. Call me crazy, but I don’t want any of that.

No big expensive dress and shoes.

No prime rib and rice pilaf that costs over $100 a plate.

No stupid DJ playing The Chicken Dance and We are Family.

No open ba-…Wait, no. I want that. Definitely. Open bar, yes.

Nah. None of that nonsense.

I don’t really know what I’d want in a wedding, but I definitely know what I don’t want-and it’s mostly all the things women dream about when they’re little girls.

The only thing I’d want present in a wedding is love. That’s it. To be able to look at another human being and see my entire world in their eyes and have it reflect back into mine. Yes, I want that. To feel something so profound and unconditional. To be so in love that I actually made the CHOICE to be with that person for the rest of my life. To feel a warmth in my heart that is so indescribable, it leaves me speechless. And most importantly, to know the other my heart beats for feels the exact same way.

That’s all. I don’t ask for much when it comes to love. I don’t throw fits if he doesn’t do the dishes or forgets to text me good morning. I don’t lose my mind when he wants to go hang out with friends or just wants some alone time. And I certainly don’t give ultimatums for anything that isn’t detrimental to my health or well-being. Nope. That’s not what a relationship is all about. It’s about love.

Messy, complicated, selfless, unimaginable love.



  1. You always get me reflecting on myself after reading your posts, I always enjoy reading your insight. Have an awesome time at beautiful Pennsylvania.
    Let me just correct you though (Even though you put it so well)
    *Messy, complicated, selfless, imaginable love.

    1. haha aww thank you for reading!!! And yes, that kind of love IS imaginable. It’s just right now it doesn’t seem so clear. I’ll be uploading pictures of my travels! It’s a 6 hour car ride, so I’ll have lots to share 🙂

      1. Clearly taking the scenic route for artistic purposes eh!
        No need to thank me, I really enjoy reading your blog 🙂 I can see where you’re coming from with it being unclear though, I share that feeling! We’ll get there, I’m sure.

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