Today is your birthday and obviously, I remembered. I’m sorry I didn’t wish you one. My heart just wasn’t in it. After the way mine went, I figured I’d save you the unwanted emotions. Just know, somewhere deep down inside of me, somewhere I haven’t seemed to get to yet, I do hope today was special-even if it’s unspoken.



  1. Aw, Lara. I remember how my birthday went by and how I thought she might make contact and say something. Hell, her birthday was like 3 days after we broke up and I wished her a happy one out of some misplaced sense of goodwill. Maybe it’s better to just acknowledge these arbitrary days silently and hope they feel it.

    1. Yeah, I remembered how my birthday was half ruined with him showing up so I figured I’d be the better one and leave it be. I’m happier, anyways. No need to open old wounds. This summer rocked!

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