Today, be selfless.

For one moment, three measly seconds, release all your struggles. Don’t worry about the fact that after a long day at work you have to go to the overly populated grocery store and probably wait 20 minutes in the deli line knowing that, with your luck, if you step away to grab some milk, your number will be called and your spot in line will be gone for the next 20 miserable minutes.
Let go of the overflow of “to-do” lists and responsibilities that run rapid in your brain of everything you have to accomplish on your only two days off of the entire week.
Don’t think about the fact that those days aren’t really days off, but more of extremely short periods of time where you have to scramble to clean the house, do your laundry, accomplish A, B, & C, and then accidently wake up late, move slow, and next thing you know BAM: It’s Sunday, and you got way less done than you had hoped for and now you’re dreading the inevitable Monday morning where you count the days until Friday but can’t figure out why you do it because the weekend isn’t really a weekend and you already know that you’re going to go through the same cycle as last weekend and the weekend before that and the weekend before that.


Somewhere in the world, there’s a child who’s drinking dirty water, and since they haven’t had water in weeks, happiness doesn’t even begin to describe what they’re feeling. This is their moment.

Somewhere in the world, there’s a woman who just ran from a house full of abuse and pain and for the first time in years she feels a sense of freedom that she barely remembered existed. This is her moment.

Somewhere in the world, there are a set of parents who have had their newborn in intensive care for weeks with complications, and they get to bring their baby home today. This is their moment.

I’m sure your struggles are most definitely difficult to deal with. You may be going through the most trivial time of your life. You may feel defeated, tired, and sick of the repetitiveness of your life. The fact that you have to go grocery shopping after work or clean the house on your day off may just be the tip of the iceberg for you. I bet there’s many people that wish for just ONE moment, they can put their life on pause. But, they can. You can. Take that moment-those three seconds, and share the same joy and peace that many people in the world whom you’ve never met are feeling as this very moment. Relax. You will get through it. If you can’t take a day off from your hustle and bustle, take three seconds. Don’t ever think you don’t have the time to feel joy in your life. If you aren’t living for happiness, what are you living for? Stop. Feel. Listen. Remember. This is your moment. Take it.


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