Online Dating: Day 6 & My Ode to the Mirror Shot

Online Dating: Day 6 & My Ode to the Mirror Shot

So I’m going on day 6 of Match. 27 messages in my inbox, 24 winks (some by the SAME men) and alas, no connections with any of them. What I’ve come to realize is maybe instead of being on, I should work as a dating coach for these guys. I haven’t found any positives since my last post so today, we will focus on the negatives.
First off, sorry I am NOT sorry for making this collage. I call it, “Ode to the Mirror Shot.” This is a DEAL BREAKER guys. At least from a “kinda good girl” standpoint. I don’t even like when girls take mirror shots, let alone these grown men. Humans have become so narcissistic, and this takes the cake. I wonder how long these guys were in the bathroom taking these pictures and how many shots they had to take to get the “perfect” one. Don’t get me wrong-a selfie every now and then isn’t a bad thing. Neither is a mirror shot for you or a significant other’s enjoyment. But on a DATING SITE? You want to get a date this way? More importantly, you think that after reading my profile, IIIIIIII would want to message you back? Yeah, we’re soul mates, dudes. Totally.
Secondly, the headlines. THE HEADLINES. Now, I haven’t had a chance to compile a HUGE list of my favorite ones, but I’ve managed to at least start:

(And yes, these are actual headlines)

– “not desperate”
– “ex con”
– “holla at ya boy”
– “lets do sex and play ‘who’s in my mouth'”

UGH. I am SO done with the human race.

Oh, oh, and my favorite two messages I received over the last few days were from “hugeguy4u69” and “warmhands96.”

Some other of my favorite gems have to be the men who have 20 pictures and they’re all of them 100 feet away from the camera, the ones (who even though I make fun of them in my actual profile) STILL message me “Hi,” and finally, the ones who don’t get the hint after I don’t reply to the first 2 messages and 3 “winks.” I actually had to block someone on my old site for sending too many crazy messages, and I just so happened to see his creepy self at the bar on Saturday. Obviously, I left the bar. ((my life.))

So needless to say, I’ve been SOL on match. It’s only been 6 days, so I haven’t given up. Plus, I have a few dates lined up already from my other site so I don’t need much help at the moment. I actually still have my account with a free site that I’ve actually had the pleasure of talking to someone normal on. Go figure. Weirdly enough, he was my old friend’s ex boyfriend from like 8 years ago. Small world.

I’m supposed to have a date tomorrow, but I honestly have so much to do before PA that I don’t think I’m going to have time. I’m going to leave it up to him. If he calls, maybe I’ll sneak out for a drink. Packing and whiskey definitely are a traditionally good mix. If not, no harm, no foul.

That rant felt good. With all of this positivity I throw up on my blog, sometimes I gotta let out a good old scream. Take notes, guys. Take notes.



  1. Venting is healthy. Hell, why do you think I started blogging hah, I’m genuinely amazed to hear that it’s actually legitimately as bad as you hear. These asshats ruin it for guys like me as well though because you girls have had to put up with 95% of these guys and expect me just to be another one! Ugh.

    1. Haha well, luckily I give every guy the benefit of the doubt. Even though 95% of the guys are like that, women stay on these sites for that 5%. Don’t worry-I’m sure you look absolutely sweet and normal in your profile 🙂

      1. Haha, who knows. I don’t come across like one of those lot you’re talking about and I sure as hell don’t send those kinds of messages! You’ll find that 5 percent anyway, I guess you’re in a pretty similar boat to me, only guys seem more keen to approach girls on these sites. ugh.

      2. Haha it’s the name of the game, friend. It is what it is. Some women have no backbone. Just message away. If they like you, they’ll message back-there’s no special formula to that. Hope it’s going well 🙂

      3. It’s going well, better than I expected lets say 🙂
        Within a couple weeks once I’ve got the free time I’m hoping to set up a few dates. I’ve already arranged a couple of dates already, all positives baby!

  2. Laughed. SO. Hard. Mirror shots!! What would we have to laugh at without mirror shots, and their redneck cousin/brother/father the trouser snake selfie. If you haven’t got that yet, you will. OMG. Some guys are so clueless. I don’t take selfies, especially mirror shots, much less mirror shots minus articles of clothing. Now if a girl specifically asks for one, we’ll talk. But not unsolicited. I’m sorry you’re having such bad luck on there, but it amuses me greatly. Thanks!

    1. Haha! Thanks for reading! Hey, I enjoy my online dating endeavors, just as much as you do. If I can’t laugh at myself, what is this all good for? At least it’s not a total loss. I’m dating…With all of its awkwardness and lack of glory. It’s exciting and out of my comfort zone, so I think it’s a step in the right direction, even if the direction doesn’t continue for more than one date. I start school next month so I’m getting as much in as I can before my social life comes to an abrupt halt. Oh the end of the summer blues. Now, I’m just waiting for that trouser snake selfie. I’ll letcha know when it comes my way 🙂

      1. Oh, I know about the life-altering dating change once school starts. Ugh! And I definitely don’t need to know when you get the infamous selfie picture. I’ll be happy knowing you’re saying to yourself “He was right”, as soon as you get over the initial “ewww” and vomiting urge.” Good luck out there! 😉

  3. I’m a little ashamed to admit I’ve got my own mirror shot on my profile. It’s classy though! You can also see my bathrobe and shower curtain in the background. Shut up! Honestly, it harkened from the days when I was still in a relationship, and it’s a good shot so I kept it, haha.

    Also, it’s great that you’re going back to school! Grad program?

    1. Hahaha! Alright, mike, I won’t judge you since it’s you! Haha and alas, no grad program. I’m delving into HR management. Going to get certified. It was way cheaper than grad school and I need to make more $. Plus, I actually like my role at work and I still get to use my knowledge from my psych degree to help with employment, keeping employees happy, and solving problems. Someday, ill go back for my psych masters. Most def. unfortunately it’s all about the $$ right now. Ugh! Still excited though!

  4. You always make me laugh and that makes my day better! I just have to keep coming back for more. These dating stories are funny and really, one does have to have a sense of humour about them. 🙂 But I love your writing and blog!

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