Today, Break the Cycle

Today, Break the Cycle

You cannot start a new chapter in your life unless you stop re-reading the last one.

Today, break the cycle. See the new potential inside of yourself. Realize that you are only a product of what YOU think YOU are. Believe you are incredible and believe you have the power to overcome life’s obstacles. You know why? Because you do. Stop thinking outside forces are affecting your well being. Sure, things happen-you can’t change that. You cannot change other people or events. What you can change is your reaction to these people and these events.
Sounds challenging, huh? That’s what life is, my friends-a challenge. If we didn’t have these obstacles, these painful experiences-we would never appreciate how amazing love feels. Don’t confuse pain and suffering though. Pain is inevitable but suffering is completely optional. You can experience the pain and overcome it-or you can suffer endlessly throughout it. At the end of the day, the choice is completely up to you.

What do you choose today?



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