When it rains


Be strong now because things will get better. It might be stormy right now but it can’t rain forever.

The rain always puts me in a weird mood. I know I shouldn’t blame the weather on my emotions but it seems like every time the sun goes away I reminisce about the parts of me that aren’t here anymore. Maybe it’s the fact that I miss snuggling on a rainy morning-making breakfast, having coffee, and going right back to bed. I miss being the little spoon, and being able to stretch my feet so they align with the tops of yours. I miss the warmth of another soul. I just miss have someone. I joined Match today. I thought I’d give it a month and see what happens.

Upside-it’s the weekend and I have fun things planned. AND it’s going to be beautiful out.



  1. I hope you’re taking your own advice there and remembering that though it might be stormy now, it can’t rain forever. I couldn’t put it better myself. I know the feeling, sometimes we just need that intimacy of another soul, it’s sometimes just the little thoughts that snowball into really missing something. You’ll find it again, you’ll get everything that you deserve. I hope people are sensible enough to seize the opportunity of stumbling upon you on Match, they’d be idiots now to.

    1. thank you so much! I’m definitely taking my own advice. It’s normal to miss someone. I think I mostly miss the relationship itself, not necessarily the person. I have so much love to give so I’m not too worried. Just a little lonely today 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. You’re not alone, Lara. Rain always bums me out too. I actually know lunatics that like (?) the rain. Pretty sure they’re all serial killers, though.

    Seasonal affective disorder is actually based on the lack of light during the dark winter months, and light therapy has actually been shown to help symptoms, so it’s not hokum that light (or lack thereof) affects mood.

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