Passing Through the Past

Passing Through the Past

Whenever I get a chance, I wander through the local cemetery in my town where my grandparents are buried. I live in an older town (Well, technically it’s considered a city but it’s far from it) so it’s not uncommon to stumble across pretty old tombstones. I stopped and strained my eyes to see what was written on a few of them and what I found was nothing short of beautiful. This tombstone was my absolute favorite. This man, who died in 1890, had an amazing quote that couldn’t be close to replicated today. It reads “I will not forget that the past and the future are blended together by loves dearest ties, not a link in a the chain. But I’ll cherish and nurture ’till my spirit-freed meets thee when this body dies.” This is so true. Our past and future isn’t some systematic chain. It’s a more spiritual kind of living made out of love and goodness. We should be filling our spirits with happiness and giving our life meaning because what comes next is the bigger picture. Even when life feels overwhelming and unfair, I remember that I am the creator of my own well being. I can either digress and waste time being negative, or I can stand up and take on the challenge with grace. Love is a choice that everyone has access to. You can choose to think of your life as bound pieces of metal or think of it as a beautiful array of color and light. I most definitely choose the latter.


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